I’m working on a complete overhaul of my blog. I’ve never been too happy with the design of this one (you’ve probably noticed with the constantly revolving themes). And I’m reviving the url johnnybrower.com.

Screen capture from my new dashboard

It’s a working progress.
There is a lot more coding to do, and I’m definitely not good at it. I may be calling on the help of JKyle from time to time. If anyone else is pretty familiar with WordPress stuff, feel free to help out.

All my post will now continue at the new site. Just don’t be alarmed if the layout changes.

Make sure to bookmark the new page, because this one will remain dormant. {www.johnnybrower.com}

If you use a feed reader (feedburner, google reader, etc), then make sure you subscribe to the new place (there should be a ‘subscribe’ link in the upper right of the new one).

Thanks to all of you who keep up here. I promise this is the last move for awhile.


TweetcloudTweet Cloud: is for the Twitter nerd only. Do you update yours at least 3 times a day? Do you tweet when you go to the bathroom? If you’ve answered yes, then this is for you. This will compile, in a standard cloud form, the most used words in your tweets. This is of no particular use; it’s just interesting. To the left is my tweet cloud.

IamjealousI Am Jealous…: of a blog I found recently through the wonderful WordPress Dashboard. This blog is basically based on shoutouts. This is a great one to keep on the feed reader for random websites to look at. Most have some quality about them to be jealous of. (hence the name). This is the website where I found the afore mentioned Tweet Cloud.

WiblogoWill It Blend: is a clever little ad campaign for Blendtec commercial blenders. They basically throw random crap into a blender and see what happens. This particular one is hard to watch. Being an iPhone owner, I suspect it’s a lot like a parent watching a baby get blended. No?
Other blended items include (but are not limited to): hearing aides, stun gun, Halo 3, and Chuck Norris.

This is a new post idea i would like to try out. Every Sunday, I’ll post a few shoutouts (links) to things that I find interesting. You may not, but you don’t have to click on it now…do you? I’ll try to have a few things that I use regularly (web resources, bloggers, games), and some quickies that I collect over the week (articles, youtube[s], pictures).

Ok, ok. I’m actually not too proud of the ‘ole bracket this year. I only had two of the Final Four. My South and West regions were ALL screwed up. It’s a wonder I scored any points at all!

But something glorious happened.
I knew that about 80% of the world picked UNC vs. UCLA as the Final, and I had picked Kansas over UNC. So there was only one scenario would give me a chance to catch up . I needed a Kansas/Memphis Final, then I needed Kansas to win (they were my championship pick).


It is my only saving grace. I picked the champion.
So now I would like to claim my spot at the top.
I would like to proclaim my domination of my friends.

*we filled out brackets on facebook, and of all my friends that filled on out, I was the best! eat that!!
**there we actually about 25 people total that filled them out. they all didn’t fit on my screen. but if they didn’t crack the top 10, are they really that important??


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