Fishers of Men…


i received an email today from someone on our staff with a link to this video. she wrote in the email that:

if we stop trying to fish for followers to our church with a hook and show them the light perhaps we’ll catch more…

now…as much as i hate these kinds of emails, she’s right. and the video is incredible! but i noticed in the video that the fish in the boat were left to flop around and suffocate. slow painful deaths. i wonder where the sermon is in that?


2 Responses to “Fishers of Men…”

  1. have to say that video was kinda gross! i mean fish jumping all over me would NOT be my kinda way to catch fish. and then the dead fish all over the boad! =/

  2. 2 Dad

    A couple of sermons, I think…

    1. You can’t clean the fish before you catch them…you must receive them as they are when they come out of the water.

    2. Once they are out of the water, unless they are cared for (continually), they will flounder (excuse the pun) and eventually die, and eventually get tossed back into the water. So, nurture and disciple those fish….

    just a thought from the Dad…..

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