We Are Made Of Love…


[this is a long one]

understanding our faith is hard. but understanding a simple foundation can bring it all into perspective and assist us in the day-to-day. i have a mathematical mind (ref. the song by spoon, “mathematical mind”). i tend to look at things in formulas and do a lot of cross-referencing. we know that God is our Creator. but where did He go? is He still here? how does He work now? puppetry?

read genesis 1

in the beginning, there was God. nothing else. God spoke (ruah = breath/wind) and there was. there was no building or putting together. he simply spoke…and there was. God’s words/breath has the ability to create, change and influence. when God breathed into man, his words came alive in [us]. therefore, our lives are full of the potential to create, change and influence because God’s very nature lives within us. great. so how do i do that? street corner evangelism? feed the hungry? i’m small…what can i do?

read 1 john 4:7-8
read 1 corinthians 13:4-7
read genesis 1

1 john says that “God is Love.” not, “God is loving,” or “God is lovely. “GOD IS LOVE.”


they are the same thing. God is Love. Love is God. so…if God is Love, and we are created in the image of God…

1 corinthians gives us a definition…a picture, if you will, of love.

Love is…
not envious
not proud (or on parade)
not rude
not self-seeking (it IS self-LESS)
not easily angered (not provoked)

Love does not think evil thoughts, nor does it rejoice in them, but it rejoices in truth. Love BEARS ALL things, BELIEVES ALL things, HOPES ALL things and ENDURES ALL things. Love never fails. so what we have here is not a definition of some abstract feeling. it’s not just a cliche scripture set aside for weddings, though that’s what it seems like sometimes. it’s a description of the very God that we were created in the image of. God is Love, we are created in the image of God, therefore, we are THE IMAGE OF LOVE.

read mark 12:28-34

Jesus tells us exactly what to do: Love God, Love others. He is the One that did that perfectly. He was the image of Love…the image of God. wholly. easy right.

here’s our problem: TRUST.

do you [i] trust God? do you [i] trust Love? or is it just a good idea? love sounds good in theory…but does it work? Jesus was proof that living a life composed completely of Love is the best possible way to live. He proved that Love never fails. He knew that. He believed that. He trusted that.

do you?

we are the image of love. and when we embrace that image…that lifestyle that Jesus showed us…when we trust God [Love], we have the power to create, change and influence.


now go listen to “needle & thread” by sleeping at last.

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3 Responses to “We Are Made Of Love…”

  1. no wonder you werent talking. haha.
    very good =D i actually read that all!
    and enjoyed it greatly!

  2. i applaud. but i will have to get back to you one what i think [in depth about your above dicussion]… okay?

    first of all, we studied [in depth] genesis one tonight at breakaway. i find that intriguing.

    i agree with you, about the trust issue. more later though…


  3. much easier said than done. but something we all need to hear…at least once a day.

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