Once We Love, We Are Vulnerable…


Those who love one another, or acquire strong attachments to persons and to forms of life, at the same time become liable to ruin: their love makes them hostages to misfortune and the injustice of others. Friends and lovers take great chances to help each other; and members of families willingly do the same. Once we love we are vulnerable.

– John Rawls, A Theory of Justice

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5 Responses to “Once We Love, We Are Vulnerable…”

  1. That’s a great phrase… “Love makes us hostage to the misfortune and the injustice of others.”

  2. it’s also discouraging…thanks.

  3. i say this because it reminds me of the story you told me about last summer when david went to camp. [if you don’t remember ask me next time i see you]

    and also…i think i like you best as a greenie.

  4. 4 nikki

    i love john rawls and love this quote. i actually got “once we love we are vulnerable” tattooed on me in italian.

  5. I love this quote!

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