Money > Spouse…


i am watching the family feud right now. don’t ask.

the survey question was:”Though it is impossible, what would you take with you when you die?”

the first answer given was “spouse.” endearing.

it was number 2! what!?

only 14 of 100 people surveyed answered this. and the answer on the board actually read “family/loved ones.” that means that “spouse” wasn’t even mentioned by name by the 14% of people. it’s been lumped together with people that said “family” or “friends.”

then the other team had a chance to steal and they answered “money.”

NUMBER 1! 34 people! that 34% of people surveyed for this said “money!”

so this says to me:
if we want one thing for eternity, we want money. not friends, not family, not our spouse. money.

excuse me, i just threw up in my mouth.


One Response to “Money > Spouse…”

  1. 1 jennifer

    man i dont know what this world
    is coming to but it’s really sad.
    this world is falling apart =[!
    money does NOT bring happiness

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