Breaking Up is Hard to Do…


Today, I broke up with Typepad.

Here’s the dialogue…

i’m moving…
to WordPress. I’ve loved you Typepad. You have been wonderful. You brought something new into my life. Before you, I didn’t even no what blogging was. And now, well, I’m a blogger. You’ve introduced me to a new outlet for my life; you’ve given me a place to spill my thoughts and converse with the world about them. For that, I thank you.

But I’ve met someone else.

You see, I don’t want to pay for blogging service. I only paid before because you offered things that no one else did. But now, there is someone else.
Someone who offers the same great service, but for no cost.

I’m sorry.

I will remember you forever. And I’m sure you’ll find someone else. You always do.

Take care…

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2 Responses to “Breaking Up is Hard to Do…”

  1. welcome to the light.

  2. 2 johnnybrower

    thanks josh.

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