PlayRadioPlay Full-Length Album…


DFW’s very own school-boy turned electronic pre-teen heartthrob Dan Hunter is releasing his long awaited full-length album with his band PlayRadioPlay. I am very excited.


I was introduced to Dan a couple years ago when I started my job here at FUMC Mansfield. He was very shy and quiet. His friend (my student) Brady did all the talking for him and gave me one of his home-produced albums. It was a collection of songs recorded in his room. They were pretty immature, but showed some great promise.

I went to show some support at a couple of his shows in the “Cowtown Lounge” at the Door, Fort Worth. He was pretty good, but he had this presence on stage that mesmerized you. It seemed like you built a relationship with him on stage. There was no boundary between us. I connected immediately to the music and the persona.


Dan was signed to Stolen Transmission (part of Island Records). He played a sold out CD-Release show with HUNDREDS of fans screaming their heads off. I was one of them.

He made it.

I’m proud of him. I feel almost like I’m his best friend. That’s the magic of PlayRadioPlay. He builds a relationship with you. I don’t know how he does it. With literally thousands of people screaming for his attention, writing him letters, comments, messages, he still seems to make you feel important. He answers emails and comments.

He has done this right.

He may not be the best out there (musically), but he is the complete package. I wish some of my favorite bands had his attitude and fan appreciation.

Read his blog.

Look for the record Texas everywhere March 25th!


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