Greatest Team Ever?…


Are the New England Patriots really the best team in NFL history?
Is Tom Brady the greatest quaterback to play the game?
Bill Belichick, genius or cheater?

The New England Patriots
There is no doubt in my mind that we are watching something special. This is something that football fans can only dream of: witnessing records being broken, seeing a legendary season, being able to talk (firsthand) about seeing the ’07 New England Patriots the same way people talked about the Dolphins and Bears of yore.

This is the greatest team ever constructed. We are most definitely watching history. This is an unstoppable force. This is a team that is never down. This is a team that, no matter the situation, is always in the game. This team is frightening. This is a dynasty.

There are some many parts that work together to make this team good. But let me emphasize that word TEAM. Sure there are great players, but no one player is responsible for the success of this team. When Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Rodney Harrison, or Player X has a bad game, there are countless others that are carrying the team to victory (eg. Lawrence Maroney and Kevin Faulk in yesterday’s game).

This is where I begin to get annoyed with the Patriots (and/or the media).

TombradyTom Brady
I want to vomit everytime Tom Brady’s name is mentioned. It always seems that he is credited with the years of success in Boston. Anytime I watch sports news and see highlights of the Patriots, it seems that Brady is shown as the savior making “great” plays that aren’t really that great.
Sure he broke the record for touchdown passes this season, but have you seen them? Half of those passes were haphazardly thrown into the air somewhere in the vicinity of Randy Moss. Sometimes not even close and into triple coverage. If any other quarterback makes that throw, they are seen as a terrible/immature quarterback making a terrible/immature decision. But because Moss is brilliant and comes down with the circus catch, Brady is incredible. The rest of his record breaking touchdown passes go to Wes Welker or Donte Stallworth who catch a 5 yard dump-pass and the rest is their doing — not Brady’s.

And sure he has a great completion percentage, but when you are doing the two-step drops to Welker or Maroney or Evans, you would be a joke not to complete them. I could make those passes and have a record-setting completion percentage if those were the passes I had to make.

Brady’s only job, it seems, is to not mess up to badly. He’s surrounded by enough talent to ensure that he doesn’t have to do to much to succeed. This is not his doing, but the front office’s. At best, he’s at GOOD quarterback — not a GREAT or THE GREAT quarterback.

Bill Belichick
No doubt he is going to be in the hall of fame. I will give him some credit here…
He has coached a damn good team. He has put together a great team with a great scheme on both sides of the ball. He as constructed an amazing machine with mostly unknown players that can (and has) dominate anyone in the league on any given day.

But you have to question the “Spygate” thing. Has this been going on much longer than we let on? Is this somewhat responsible for the success of the Patriots this year (and past years)? I would have been more than happy to give him the title of one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game. But with this controversy surrounding him, I can only see him as this snake-in-the-grass that stalks the sidelines and harasses the media.


I’m Conflicted
I kinda want to see the perfect season crushed. Without a Super Bowl ring, this season is meaningless. The ring is all that matters. I would love to see the wimpy Eli Manning beat “King Brady”. That would be poetic.

But I also would like to see history made. I don’t want Brady’s or Belichick’s name to be a part of it, but this is once in a lifetime. This has never happened before, and it maybe decades before it happens again.

What’s a sports fan to do?
If only the Cowboys wouldn’t have sucked so bad this wouldn’t be a difficult decision.


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  1. 1 soulja boy

    Plax he doin his thang i can’t hate on ya
    go big blue

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