Heartbreak Mix Tape…


I always wished life had a soundtrack.
So I tend to make mixes for every occasion.
There has been a little heartbreak recently so I made a mix tape (CD).
Now…the theme was not venomous, nor is it a big “f*** you” to the ex.
The theme is more remorseful. Almost as if there was a death of someone — only it’s the death of a relationship. I want to remember everything that was good, and I’m sad to see it go.

So here it is…

The Heart Breaking Makes a Sound…
01. “Testing The Strong Ones” Copeland
02. “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” Copeland
03. “Clean Breaks” Dashboard Confessional
04. “Please Turn Red” Andy Davis
05. “Your Heart Is An Empty Room” Death Cab For Cutie
06. “Hallelujah” Jeff Buckley
07. “Chin Up” Copeland
08. “Tearjerker” Fenix TX
09. “Speak To Me Gently” Future of Forestry
10. “Dusk and Summer” Dashboard Confessional
11. “Unglued” Fair
12. “You Are Mine” Mute Math

Keep in mind that most of these songs were hand picked for specific elements of my relationship with her. But I’m sure there are some songs that I missed.

What songs would be sure to have on your “Heartbreak Mix Tape”?


9 Responses to “Heartbreak Mix Tape…”

  1. This reminds me of the movie “High Fidelity.” John Cusack owned a music store, ahe had song lists (Top 10 maybe?) for all sorts of occasions.

  2. 2 ryan

    My friend had a pretty harsh breakup recently. This is the tape I made to console her.

    1. The Arcade Fire – My Body Is A Cage
    2. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    3. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    4. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    5. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    6. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    7. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    8. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    9. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    10. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

  3. 3 johnnybrower

    i can totally relate to high fidelity. “which came first? the music or the misery?” answer: the misery.

    pantera really knows how to capture the entire spectrum of human emotions in one song. my hat’s off to them.

  4. 4 reader

    it’s a decent mix.

  5. Johnny,
    Copeland is not good mixed with heartbreak. That’s like mixing pain medicine and alcohol. Seriously.

  6. A good post heartbreak song is “New Day” by Robbie Seay…listen and thank me later

  7. 7 johnnybrower

    YOU’RE a decent mix.
    i know there are like a million heartbreak songs, and some that may have been better than the ones i selected. i made this in approximately 2.7 minutes.

    speaking from experience?

    thanks brother. you’re right, that is an incredibly relevant song.

  8. Johnny – are you going to come up with a list of romantic songs for upcoming Valentine’s Day too? The flip side of this, all hopeful and sappy. :)

  9. 9 johnnybrower


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