Super Bowl Hopes…


Here it is — the big game.
Football, pizza, beer, commercials and wagers.
You want my hot sports opinion?

Here’s my hope:

OPTION 1 I would like Tom Brady to get injured early in the game. Not seriously injured. I don’t want his career to be over or anything. I just want him to be out of the game. Then I want the Patriots to get the victory. History made without Tom Brady.

OPTION 2 Tom Brady plays, but plays horribly. I want him to have 3 interceptions, a fumble, etc. Then the defense steps up and wins the game for him. Patriots win, history is made, and Tom Brady sucks.

Here’s my prediction:

Patriots win
27 – 20

Sorry Eli.


4 Responses to “Super Bowl Hopes…”

  1. 1 ryan


  2. 2 johnnybrower

    i’m glad i was wrong.

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