Super Bowl Recap…


Let me just start by saying that this was one of the most entertaining Super Bowls I’ve watched in a long, long time. It’s funny to say that a game with a 7-3 score at halftime was exciting…but it was! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

If you would have asked me before the game who I was rooting for, I would have told you know one. I would have been happy when either one of them lost. As a Cowboys fan, I dislike the Giants. But as a human being, I strongly dislike the Patriots.

I would have loved to see the perfect season completed and history made.
I also would have loved to see the lowly Giants ruin the perfect season.

What’s a guy to do?

When I finally made a decision, I decided it would be better to have history made. I wanted to talk about the ’07 Patriots the same way people talk about seeing the ’72 Dolphins. But I was wrong. The Patriots losing was sweet. I felt so satisfied. I don’t know why. Seeing Brady, Belichick, and Harrison’s face when they didn’t convert on 4th down was great!

I also thought that it would be a scoring fest. I was pretty sure there would be several touchdowns to Moss and Burress and it would come down to the Patriots just being to quick to score, and the Giants wouldn’t be able to keep up. I was wrong. The defenses were the story of this game. The Giants front 7 was incredible! They should have been the MVP’s of this game — especially Justin Tuck.

I hate Tom Brady. You know this already. I think he is overrated. It was very apparent in this game. He did nothing to help his team. All of his pass completions were no more than 5 yard dumps to Welker or Stallworth, and his one touchdown pass was to Randy Moss who was wide open only because his corner fell down. The other scoring drive was only there because of great starting field position given by the Pats special teams and a pass interference call in the endzone that put them on the 1 yard line.
I’m sorry Tom. You were no good. You were out played by Eli Manning.

When Eli Manning escapes a sure sack and still gets a pass down field to David Tyree who makes the most amazing Super Bowl catch ever! [video]

It was heart-warming to see Peyton in the press box jumping up and down, getting excited, and cheering for his little brother Eli. You could tell that he was genuinely proud of him.

It’s hilarious to me to think back to “media day”. Burress predicted a Giants win 23-17. Tom Brady was asked what he thought about that, and he laughed. He was confused as to why Plaxico would think the almighty Patriots would only score 17 points. Turns out, they couldn’t even get that many. HAHHHHAHHA!

Congratulations to the New York Football Giants.
And thank you for making this Super Bowl entertaining.


4 Responses to “Super Bowl Recap…”

  1. 1 ryan

    Will be at City Hall tomorrow to say what up to Eli and Osi.

  2. 2 johnnybrower

    i’m glad eli finally grew a pair.

  3. 3 kyle zamzow

    i’m just glad the patriots didn’t win. that’s what i was rooting for. not necessarily a giants win, but a patriots loss.

  4. 4 neil

    i was walking back to my studio after watching the game and the clock had yet to run out

    i could tell when it did though as all of new york city started screaming at once

    it was incredibly awesome

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