Confirmation Begins Today…


Today marks the beginning of our Confirmation class. This is always an exciting time for us for many reasons…

It’s always awesome to see 80 – 100 students packed into a room every Sunday afternoon learning about their faith. To see their faces change when they learn that being a Christian isn’t just showing up to church on Sundays (and Wednesdays) and putting money in the offering plate.

It’s always fun for me to take another look at my Methodist heritage. I always seem to catch something that I didn’t before. I love to learn about John Wesley and the journey of modern Methodism. Being a history guy I love to see where we came from.

You get to try out new things. Youth ministry is always looking for new and inventive ways to connect with students. This year we are going to be working with some new ideas involving mixtures of large and small groups, dynamic speakers using a type of “story-telling” sermon style, and we will even be doing a “youth table” for students that are older than 6th grade but would still like to participate in Confirmation.

But my personal favorite of our new adventures…LT!

Picture 1
[LT going shirtless]

LT is a cyber-puppet that I was introduced to at YS this year. He’s controlled by the computer and your voice. He can perform many different facial expressions, sport several trendy outfits, and even make his head explode. This will undoubtedly be very well received by the students AND adult sponsors. If this goes well, we will hopefully be incorporating LT into some of our future events as a reoccurring character/staff member.

Want more info on LT and how to get him for free? Click here.


One Response to “Confirmation Begins Today…”

  1. hey i taught one of your kids in sunday school today in Brock, Texas…

    we were discussing if christianity was about how we live now, or if it’s only about getting into heaven, and your girl laura told us how you have the funny check system and they have to get a certain number of checks to get in. oh yeah, and she had good stuff to say, so you must be teaching her well.

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