The Golden Age of Sports?…


I love sports. There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon, grill a’ burning, beer flowing, friends in attendance and a football game on the TV — OR — a warm August day at the Ballpark with a hotdog or nachos, sunflower seeds and (of course) a beer — OR — a night out at a local sports bar (I like No Frills) with a hamburger, beer and a Mavs game. I start everyday with Sportscenter. I will call (or get called by) my friends the second the trade rumors begin. I play in softball leagues, flag football, or pick-up basketball. I L-O-V-E sports!

The past couple of years have seen some great accomplishments:  home-run records broken, perfect regular season records, consecutive grand-slam records (tennis, not baseball), TD passes and catches, and more.  But at what cost?

Clemens Capital HillI’m scared. Professional sports has recently been surrounded by a cloud of controversy. What’s happening in our culture and our entertainment that everyone feels the need to cheat? Sports is supposed to be about team building, sportsmanship, comrodory [sp?], and fun. I feel that our beloved pasttimes are heading down a dark path and we will no longer be able to enjoy them as they once were.

Most recently there’s the Roger Clemens scandal, but this is nothing new to Major League Baseball or sports in general for that fact. Players are taking many variations of performance enhancing drugs to try and gain an competitive edge in a constantly strengthening field. We’ve seen this in the Canseco book, in the olympics and in the NFL.

Bill Belichick has brought a whole new scandal to the NFL. He has (allegedly) been illegally taping closed practices and games trying to steal call signals. It’s one thing to review tapes of a game to study formations and tendencies, but another to spy on other teams — especially when the practices are closed.

Game Fixing/Point Shaving
The ATP has now joined the NBA with the most recent indecencies. Players are throwing games to benefit heavy betters. And in the NBA, THE OFFICIALS, the very ones that are supposed to be calling a fair game are making bogus calls in order to keep teams within the spread.

The sporting world is hurting. I want it back. I don’t want to watch my favorite teams and players and wonder whether or not they are playing fairly. I want to enjoy it like I did when I was a child.

Please stop. Don’t take this away from me.


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  1. 1 Lauren

    I think its comradery. Like comrade. You know…

    Just thought I’d help out.

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