Bracketology 2008…



My NCAA Tourney predictions started off great! I had a pretty good first round. But as the tournament continued…my winning streak did not. My Western Region is shot to hell thanks to Duke, UConn, and Drake. Georgetown decided to be an idiot and lose to Davidson. Pitt crapped their pants instead of playing basketball against MState. Eh. The left side is still looking good though, and 3 out of 4 of my Final Four picks are still intact. We’ll see. I do have to say that it has been an exciting tournament. Congratulations to UTA for you first Big Dance!

Below is my 2008 Men’s Bracket.
Feel free to look it over. Make fun of some of my picks. Congratulate me on the great ones!
Who has busted your brackets?
Post a link to yours if you think you can handle the ridicule.

My Brackets


2 Responses to “Bracketology 2008…”

  1. Johnny,

    You have ten teams remaining. Not bad. You had WSU over Notre Dame. I did not. USC busted my bracket. I listened to some of the experts who touted USC up big and I took the bait. But, really, just about everybody had them beating Kansas State. But I then had them defeating Wisconsin. My best picks were to ride Michigan State as far as they have gone, and I have them beating Memphis. I also did not jump on the Clemson bandwagon, so I still am riding Villanova, who I picked to lose to Kansas. I also had Xavier over Duke, so no great disappointment there. I have 11 teams remaining. My final four are Kansas, UNC, UCLA and Stanford. UNC and Stanford in the finals, and Stanford to hoist the trophy.

    But, the games have been great. In the second half of Memphis vs. Mississippi State, the shots just kept falling and I kept hooting like you never do in an NBA game. College sports are far superior for the average fan.

    Go Cardinal.

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