Mavericks – Dirk = No Playoffs?…


There have been a lot of audible gasps and questions surrounding the “unfortunate” injury to Dallas Mavericks “star” Dirk Niwitzki.

“Can the Mavericks win without Dirk?”


1) We weren’t winning with Dirk on the team. Since the Kidd trade, the Mavs haven’t beat an above .500 team. Face it, we suck — with or without Dirk.

2) We WILL still make the playoffs. I don’t know how much that will matter, but we’ll get there (because I’m pretty sure we’ll meet our maker in the first round). But here’s why I know we’ll make the playoffs…

a) With out Dirk, we’ll see much more playing time out of Brandon Bass and Malik Allen. It has been apparent to me that when our bench players are in, we play with more heart, more passion. Most of our comebacks have come when our backups are in. We sometimes rely on Dirk to do to much for the team, and our role players don’t fill their role completely. I think we will see some of these bench players step up in a big way now that the big German is out.
(ps: I’m anxious to see what role JKidd takes in this. Maybe with Dirk gone, he can step up to be the leader we brought him here to be.)

b) We will make the playoffs based on sheer mathematics. The Denver Nuggets hold the 9th spot in the super competitive West right now. We currently hold the number 7 slot with a 1 1/2 game lead on the Nuggets. With 12 games left in the season, we will have to lose quite a few of our games, and the Nuggets will need to win the majority of theirs. Not completely out of the realm of reality, but when you compare the two schedules, neither team will gain/lose much ground at all.

They have 7 of 12 games verses above .500 West Title contenders including Golden State (2), Phoenix (2), Houston, Utah, and…um…Dallas. Our schedule is almost identical. 7 teams above .500, half of which are on the road. Now if Denver continues their 168 point game performances, we have no chance — but I highly doubt that. It’ll be close, but I think with an equally difficult schedule, we will maintain our playoff spot.


I’m actually rejoicing in the injury to Nowitzki. It’s time to see what our team is really made of. We talk ourselves up every year, we make excuses for Dirk and Avery. Let’s see it. Some one step up! Are we going to be the Rockets and rise above the injuries and the excuses? Or are we going to deflate? Is all of the hot air we’ve been blowing up our own asses going to come rushing out leaving us lifeless on the court?

It’s time boys.


3 Responses to “Mavericks – Dirk = No Playoffs?…”

  1. D. U. N.


  2. 2 Jake

    I’m more worried about Denver than Golden State, but both are not easy teams to beat. It’s easy to forget that they are less than 10 games out of first in the west! We may not make the playoffs if Dirk has an extended absence, which would be a damn shame, since we have as good a chance as any to win it all.

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