Two Pair in One Week…


In one week’s time I’ve received two pair of TOM’s shoes. I LOVE them. They are so comfortable and quick to put on, and they start a lot of conversation in the general public. If you don’t have a pair yet, get yours!


8 Responses to “Two Pair in One Week…”

  1. 1 wendren

    I have been eyeing Tom’s shoes for some time now. Arent they fabulous! I love the concept of his shoe brand too – that is: for every pair bought a pair is donated. Are the shoes comfortable?

  2. incredibly!
    i tend to be more of a barefoot person anyways.
    they’re light, airy, and soft.

  3. 3 Holly

    ooh, sorry about the ice cream mishap with your beauties. i’ll stay away from them to avoid any future accidents.

  4. 4 mel

    I love the concept, buy one give one, but I am thinking I am just gonna get a shirt. I don’t think I am cool enough to pull those shoes off. :)

  5. Is the only place to get them online? Or is there someplace else?


  6. Do most of the conversations begin with “Why are you wearing those ugly shoes?” and end with “Why don’t you just donate the full ammount that you paid? Then they could give four pairs to the needy and none to the trendy”?

  7. 7 johnnybrower

    @holly: it’s ok. i love you anyways.

    @mel: everyone’s cool enough to pull them off. especially you!

    @goat: there are a few stores in the area that sell them. they mark them way up though. but i just went and tried them on to know what size i needed, then ordered them online.

    @the judge: i guess you could do that. the shoes serve as a type of advertisement though. i guess that’s one reason among many to wear them.

  8. 8 rickonline

    Dude those do look pretty sweet – I may have to get a pair!

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