Sunday Shoutout 001: Tweet Cloud, I Am Jealous, Will It Blend…


TweetcloudTweet Cloud: is for the Twitter nerd only. Do you update yours at least 3 times a day? Do you tweet when you go to the bathroom? If you’ve answered yes, then this is for you. This will compile, in a standard cloud form, the most used words in your tweets. This is of no particular use; it’s just interesting. To the left is my tweet cloud.

IamjealousI Am Jealous…: of a blog I found recently through the wonderful WordPress Dashboard. This blog is basically based on shoutouts. This is a great one to keep on the feed reader for random websites to look at. Most have some quality about them to be jealous of. (hence the name). This is the website where I found the afore mentioned Tweet Cloud.

WiblogoWill It Blend: is a clever little ad campaign for Blendtec commercial blenders. They basically throw random crap into a blender and see what happens. This particular one is hard to watch. Being an iPhone owner, I suspect it’s a lot like a parent watching a baby get blended. No?
Other blended items include (but are not limited to): hearing aides, stun gun, Halo 3, and Chuck Norris.

This is a new post idea i would like to try out. Every Sunday, I’ll post a few shoutouts (links) to things that I find interesting. You may not, but you don’t have to click on it now…do you? I’ll try to have a few things that I use regularly (web resources, bloggers, games), and some quickies that I collect over the week (articles, youtube[s], pictures).


2 Responses to “Sunday Shoutout 001: Tweet Cloud, I Am Jealous, Will It Blend…”

  1. 1 Rick

    Dude – Will it blend is awesome! As another iphone owner (check out my groom cake from the weeding pictures on my website), it is indeed sad…

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Kaiser.

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