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Ok, ok. I’m actually not too proud of the ‘ole bracket this year. I only had two of the Final Four. My South and West regions were ALL screwed up. It’s a wonder I scored any points at all! But something glorious happened. I knew that about 80% of the world picked UNC vs. UCLA […]

*big thanks to brother Dave for locating some last minute tickets! Aside from playing the Yankees or the Red Sox, this is about the only game of the season when the Ballpark is even remotely full. That’s what makes this day so exciting. There’s a smell of dozens of grills, port-o-potties, and beer as you […]

There have been a lot of audible gasps and questions surrounding the “unfortunate” injury to Dallas Mavericks “star” Dirk Niwitzki. “Can the Mavericks win without Dirk?” Well… 1) We weren’t winning with Dirk on the team. Since the Kidd trade, the Mavs haven’t beat an above .500 team. Face it, we suck — with or […]