*big thanks to brother Dave for locating some last minute tickets!

Aside from playing the Yankees or the Red Sox, this is about the only game of the season when the Ballpark is even remotely full. That’s what makes this day so exciting.

There’s a smell of dozens of grills, port-o-potties, and beer as you walk the 1/2 mile to the stadium. People who’ve been sitting in the parking lot since 8am are sharing laughs and throwing washers. Lexus[es] are lined up in the valet parking. We find our seats, and the pre-game begins.

National Anthem, giant flag, eagles and a bomber fly-by make up the pre-game festivities. The entire Rangers’ roster is announced. The crowd is excited — cheering with every name announced. The atmosphere was electric (something I’m not used to at The Ballpark in Arlington).

Then…the game started.

Jason Jennings blew.
We had 9 hits with only 1 run scored.
We allowed 8 runs on 11 hits.
My boy Kinsler couldn’t stop hitting into double-plays.

There’s the familiar Ranger’s feeling.

Despite all this, I love them!
Can’t wait to be at several games this season.

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In one week’s time I’ve received two pair of TOM’s shoes. I LOVE them. They are so comfortable and quick to put on, and they start a lot of conversation in the general public. If you don’t have a pair yet, get yours!

Apparently everyone has a voice.
Apparently 18,000,000+ people have nothing better to do.
Apparently I’m one of those 18 million.

I’m in the wrong business.