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I’m working on a complete overhaul of my blog. I’ve never been too happy with the design of this one (you’ve probably noticed with the constantly revolving themes). And I’m reviving the url It’s a working progress. There is a lot more coding to do, and I’m definitely not good at it. I may […]

Today, I broke up with Typepad. Here’s the dialogue… i’m moving… to WordPress. I’ve loved you Typepad. You have been wonderful. You brought something new into my life. Before you, I didn’t even no what blogging was. And now, well, I’m a blogger. You’ve introduced me to a new outlet for my life; you’ve given […]

New Blog…


Looks like I’m moving to WordPress. It’s free. I’ve moved over a grand total of 12 posts from my other blog. I guess that goes to show the lack of actual quality posts I had. Oh well. New year, new blog, new blogging habits. I’m still struggling with the Categories thing. I’m thinking about undoing […]